An Impulse Moment in Boston Turns Into a Two Year Love Affair

Folks at Frankly Golf,

I happened upon a demo area of yours at the Boston Golf Expo two springs ago – just for the heck of it I stepped up on the platform, grabbed a putter and hit a few balls… made 7 out of 10 putts. Now, I am not an impulse-type buyer but, I loved the way the putter worked and feeling a need to replace a 20-year-old Plop Putter in my bag – I bought a black Frankly Frog putter and went home wondering if I had been taken (surely the practice putting area had hidden grove that lead the ball right to the cup) LOL !

Two years later I can safely say that I made the right move – I love my Frankly Frog putter. I roll the ball better than I ever have and I simply make more putts.

Thanks for making such a fine club.


What can I say…this is what happens when you get a Frog in your hands! We are all balanced and forgiving and golfers just fall in love with us.

Thank you for trusting your instincts and giving that little black Frog a good home up in Boston.

One putts!


The Putting PAD

Reunion Resort

Orlando FL 34747

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