Cart Boy



Hey, I am Cart Boy and I live in the PAD. To some my story would seem tragic, but I prefer to view it as a story of survival and beating the odds.

I lived a happy life with my owner until the fateful day that I was sitting on his knees in the cart and we turned a corner and I slid onto the cart path. At exactly the same time another cart was passing in the opposite direction….luckily I can’t remember much about what happened next.

I woke in Frog Creation back at the PAD where I was born, and found out that my shaft had been broken in two and I had scars all over my face.

Thanks to the dedication of the PAD staff, I had my shaft replaced and I feel much better. I decided to stay here because its nice having the other Frogs around as I recover. I have developed a fear of carts (when I hear one drive past the PAD I start to shake) but its getting better every day.
Cart Boy

We are so proud to have you here at the PAD as you recover from what can only be described as a traumatic experience. You are an inspiration to others and we appreciate you telling your story so that other Frogs can recognize the dangers of their profession and owners can be a little more careful!

Thanks for sharing.


The Putting PAD

Reunion Resort

Orlando FL 34747

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