Frog Pens Poem to PAD


Rankly Frog is my name
I love to play this game
Putting is my favorite part
As well as riding in the cart

I help my owner lower her score
No three putts any more
She is great with me, the Froggy flatstick
Every time I do the trick

She loves to hear the ball rattle in the hole
A noise that fills my soul
With joy, pride and delight
Knowing that I have done it right

I miss the PAD but out here I am a bit of a star
Helping my owner get under par
I’ve met a few Frogs out and about
And they are doing well, there’s no doubt!

Rankly Frog

Dear Rankly Frog

Well, we can’t match your poetic genius, but it just shows the hidden talents of many of our fellow Frogs! I remember you as a youngster at the PAD, with the grip covering the “F” of your name: who would have know that you would go on to achieve such great things. You always were helpful and aimed to please and it looks like you have found your place in the sun. Well done. Ooops…that rhymed….maybe we all have some poetic genius, and its just a case of finding it.

With much fondness,


The Putting PAD

Reunion Resort

Orlando FL 34747



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