Pennsylvania Frog Plays Starring Role in Career Round

Dear PAD,
I arrived at my new pad in Central PA in the Xmas of 2010. My new owner was able to maintain a 4 handicap for 4 weeks for the first time. He also shot a career round of 69….the first time he was under par for 18 holes. We also won the league title this year.
Here I am pictured at Oakmont CC.


What a great story! You are doing what you were trained to do…to help golfers and your owner must be really happy.

Lucky you, playing at Oakmont CC. Nice.

It sounds like things are working out for you in Central PA, T-pole. Keep in touch and if you ever hop on back to Orlando on vacation, be sure to come and visit the PAD!


The Putting PAD

Reunion Resort

Orlando FL 34747

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