The Adventures of Young Frankie in California & Hawaii




I go by the name of “Young Frankie”, a name given me by the golfer in northern California who adopted me in May of 2010. I think he adopted me because I’m left handed, just like him, and we get along great. I come from the “Frank ’08” side of the family and my center shaft keeps me well balanced while I’m playing – a great combination along with the smooth, mellow attitude I’ve developed since moving from the Putting PAD to the San Francisco bay area. Even though I love to play, I behave myself (I hardly ever get selfish and make 3 putts!) so “the boss” has taken me to play in many pretty places in California and Hawaii. Since teaming up with him my average putts per green is only 1.6 which is a good thing because his long game needs a lot of work – I just hope he doesn’t decide to start making me play off the tee!

Dear Young Frankie

Thanks so much for sharing your story and pictures with us and fellow Frogs from around the world! It looks like you have been having a great time and are being very well looked after. The Frogs here at the PAD especially liked the picture of you on vacation in Hawaii, and love the putting green you have at your home PAD. Sounds like you are being very well behaved. Keep up the good work!


The Putting PAD

Reunion Resort, Orlando, FL 34747

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