Celebrate Frog-tober Fest!

Say “Cheers” (or “Prost!”) to the Frankly Frog Putter and celebrate better putting with our Annual Frog-tober Fest special: The Original Black Frankly Frog Putter, and The Fundamentals of Putting Book.

The Original Frankly Frog is a very well trained, heel shafted putter, 34″ inches long and black in color. It has a 350 gram head with big, bold white alignment lines to help you aim betterĀ and a standard Frog pistol grip.

So that you have no excuses, we are also including a copy of The Fundamentals of Putting, Frank and Valerie’s book that will be sure to help you. It has lots of pictures and a large font for easy reading. Remember, the Frankly Frog putter you are about to purchase is well trained…but we have to make sure that you do your part.

So celebrate Frog-tober Fest and look forward to your buddies buying the drinks at the 19th hole because of your better putting. Cheers!

Click here to order your Frog-tober Fest Special

Frog-tober Fest ends on 9 October 2015


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