Fall for The Frog


We’d like to share the story of a Vermont Frog whose owner, Nat, took the leap and after years of putting with his old trusted Bullseye, switched to the Frankly Frog Mid Mallet, Frank 08 edition. Here is what Nat had to say about his Frog:

“The Frog is amazing! Looks great, rolls great, feels great…exactly as I imagined it would. It’s replacing my trusted friend of over 30 years, believe me, it deserves the rest.

It is remarkably more forgiving than the trusted Bulls Eye and also has been much easier regarding consistent distance control. I’ve been regularly holing putts in the always difficult 3′ – 10′ range and that little miracle on the green has coincided precisely with the arrival of the Frog!

Absolutely love the putter and just know it will be in the bag for a very long time.”

Nat’s Frog is now enjoying the beautiful fall colors in Vermont and by the sounds of things, will be for years to come. He was kind enough to send some photos and share the views. Enjoy!


Nat’s Frog enjoys a maple tree

Frog's eye view

The view from the bag, along the side of a fairway

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