About The Frog

A word from Frank Thomas about the Frog….

During my 26 years of looking at and ruling on thousands of putters I decided after I left the USGA that there was some room for improvement in putter design.

It happened at 2:00 am that I awoke and thought about the most efficient design for a putter. I got up, and on an envelope I drew my ideal design for a putter and went back to bed.

In the morning, on scaled graph paper, I drew my detailed design with dimensions and in doing so, I recognized that it looked somewhat like a frog but hoped that nobody would see it the same way.

Within fifteen minutes of giving the design to my CAD people, they called and told me that it looked like a Frog and its name should be the Frog. I accepted the inevitable and resigned myself to naming it the Frankly Frog for which I am now very proud.

It is the very best design available, as recognized by thousands of happy golfers. We do not give putters to elite golfers nor do we pay them to use one. The Frog speaks for itself – “ RIBBIT … RIBBIT” .